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Good For Events aims to highlight the spotlight on event organisers exclusively in Lyon + + + Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes – Bourgogne area.

A platform dedicated to companies and Individuals looking to organize private or business events.

Why ? Because our region is rich in talents and passionate professionals we are committed to bringing you to meet. More than a discovery, a different experience...

How ? By combining digital and field presence.

We know our service providers and customers and ensure the connection.

With Good News follow the news of your favorite establishments and stay connected all year round.

There is the digital part that cannot be overlooked today, but also by the field in search of targeted customers.  Good News  is also about staying connected with our partners and passing on the news from their institutions.  A virtual professional trade show in a way... .

For whom ? For thz establishments whose DNA is the ability to serve well. To bring together service providers with diametrically opposed concepts but with the same ambition and for whom customer satisfaction is the essence of their work, who have a DNA focused on their customers, the desire to create the knowledge of good doing and the emotional part",

We promote organic products, short circuits, local products, authentic flavours and know-how of our Region

Magical places, gourmet restaurants or the best Burgers in the world, meetings to drink and discover the basics of oenology, stunning cocktails and creative caterers, photographers, coaching in the presence of horses... and many other enthusiasts to discover on Good For Events . . .

Service providers for Photographers, Caterers, Cocktails ... .

Our difference ? We meet all our partners in order to know all their services.

Before validating an establishment on Good For Events you need one or several appointment(s) with the management or team members, we visit all the establishments, the”phygital” is amazing, we discuss their services and those they offer to their customers when organizing their wedding for example.

What is our economic model ? A fixed and clear annual subscription for partners listed on Good For Events that remains very affordable and fair for all partners, it is not the one who pays the most that is most highlighted. The creation of the site was designed in a fair way around a desire for customers and their know-how.  Good For Events is free for private or professional users who organize events, seminars, weddings, working days, business meals, receptions... .

Commissions in % ? Only the annual subscription, there is no commission in % or other (s).

Notices or Notes ? The address is available for dissatisfied or happy people with the performance of our partners.  Good For Events is not intended to be a critic !!

Our objective is to put our actors in the Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes - Bourgogne region forward and to highlight them.  We are independent and we validate or not the partners on the platform with  exchanges and visits throughout the year . . . 

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